The best solar weapons in Destiny 2 - gamekinda (2023)

Lot 2 has seen a reworking of his subclasses in The Witch Queen and subsequent seasons. These changes have greatly encouraged monochromatic builds, loadouts that focus on using a single element. Since Solar 3.0 is so powerful right now, now is the perfect time to find a good solar weapon.

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Recently released solar weapons can roll with Incandescent, a solar variant of Dragonfly that has Scorches targets. It’s likely that Solar weapons will gain even more Solar-exclusive perks in future seasons. But for now, these weapons serve as some of the most unique and powerful solar weapons you can wield in Destiny 2.

Updated February 4, 2023 by Charles Burgar: While not many solar weapons were released in Season of the Seraph, Kelograth Glaive’s judgment is so powerful that it warranted an update to this list. We’ve updated this list with this season’s new Glaive, which showcases its excellent perk pool and arguably the best Glaive perk in the game: Close to Melee.

This list focuses on PvE content. The entries are in no particular order.


Table of Contents

10 Shell whistle

The best solar weapons in Destiny 2 - gamekinda (1)

How to obtain: Vanguard Ops playlist.

(Video) EVERY Titan Exotic, Ranked & Explained - Destiny 2

Bows always have a place in endgame PvE content. GM Nightfalls and other Master-tier content encourage you to keep your distance, something Strident Whistle does better than most. In addition to wreaking havoc, this bow is a powerhouse for taking out hordes of enemies.

That is mainly because Light bulb, a solar variant of Dragonfly that inflicts Scorch upon kill. This explosion is quite large and, with enough kills, can cause an Ignite. One Ignite is enough to take out an entire wave of enemies and seriously injure a champion. If you’re looking for a more consistent Solar Bow, Archer’s Tempo and Explosive Head work great in all endgame content.

Recommended properties:

9 Judgment of Kelgorath

The best solar weapons in Destiny 2 - gamekinda (2)

How to obtain: Season of the Seraph Activities.

If you’re a fan of Glaives or melee builds in general, Judgment of Kelgorath is something you’ll want to farm for. This Glaive can get Close to Melee, a fantastic perk that gives a big damage boost to your Glaive’s melee attack and ranged projectile. Paired with Overflow or Demolitionist, you have a hard-hitting special weapon that can limit incoming damage, deal high melee damage, and take out targets from a distance. Few weapons are this versatile.

Recommended properties:

  • Column One:
    Run over, wrecker

  • Column Two:
    Close to Melee

8 The lamentation

The best solar weapons in Destiny 2 - gamekinda (3)

How to obtain: “Lost Lament” quest.

What could be more beautiful than a hard-hitting sword? How about a chainsword? The Lament is an exotic sword ripped straight from the Warhammer 40K universe, tearing through your enemies with its chainsaw blade and absurdly high base damage.

(Video) Material Sunsetting, Weapon Tuning, & FOTL Armor (TWAB) | Destiny 2 Season of Plunder

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Compared to legendary swords, Lament Barrier Champion shields can break, deal absurd damage with its light and heavy attack combo, and even heal you. It won’t dominate the Crucible Heavy meta, but this weapon has become a staple for close range DPS bosses.

7 Explosive personality

The best solar weapons in Destiny 2 - gamekinda (4)

How to obtain: PsiOps Battlegrounds and focused Umbral Engrams.

Explosive Personality is a Wave Frame Grenade Launcher that packs a serious punch. Each shot from this GL releases a surge of solar energy, killing most enemies in his path. Majors and Guardians remain seriously injured. That alone is great, but it’s the perks of this weapon that really make it shine.

Disruption pause can roll on Explosive Personality, a first for Wave Frames. Breaking someone’s shield gives them 50% more kinetic damage from all sources, allowing you to hot-swap to your kinetic weapon to deal some absurd damage. The weapon is incredibly easy to use, hits hard and is a nightmare to fight in the Crucible.

Recommended properties:

  • Column One:
    Auto-loading holster

  • Column Two:
    Disruption pause

6 Tarrabah

The best solar weapons in Destiny 2 - gamekinda (5)

How to obtain: Bought at the exotic kiosk in the tower. Costs 1 Exotic Cipher, 150,000 Glimmer, 240 Spoils of Conquest, and 2 Ascendant Shards.

At first glance, Tarrabah looks mediocre at best. It has a mediocre stat pack, a small magazine, and requires Spoils of Conquest to purchase. That seems outrageous, but there’s one thing that makes Tarrabah worth its exotic status: Ravenous Beast.

Dealing or taking enough damage allows you to “unleash the beast”, as the in-game description puts it. For seven seconds, your gun fires at 900 RPM, deals double the damage, has a much faster reload animation, and even increases your mobility stats. Damaging and killing targets can prolong this effect much longer in PvE. And yes, the buff works the same way in PvP. All it takes is a few firefights to turn this SMG into a pocket machine gun with infinite ammo. If you can afford the Spoils, Tarrabah is totally worth it.

5 Staccato-46

The best solar weapons in Destiny 2 - gamekinda (6)
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How to obtain: Legendary World Engrams.

Staccato-46 came at the perfect time in the Destiny 2 sandbox. It can roll with Incandescent’s excellent advantage, beat champions thanks to Anti-Barrier Rounds, and it recently got a huge improvement in PvP.

This Scout Rifle is truly special, able to roll with either Incandescent or Rampage in the second column. This is the only 180 Scout that can roll with both benefits. The former makes Staccato an add-clearing machine with the right build, while the latter enables Staccato to tap Guardians in PvP with enough stacks with three taps. Pair either combo with Shoot to Loot and the end result is one of Destiny 2’s best Scout Rifles.

Recommended properties:

  • Column One:
    Shoot to loot, Outlaw

  • Column Two:
    Lightbulb, Rampage

4 Vex Mythoclast

The best solar weapons in Destiny 2 - gamekinda (7)

How to obtain: Vault of Glass attack (Atheon encounter).

The first raid Exotic in Destiny’s life happened in Season of the Splicer, complete with a new Linear Fusion Rifle alt-fire. Vex may not be the overpowered monster it was in D1Y1, but the version we have today is nonetheless a powerhouse and a theory editor’s dream.

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Vex’s main strength is its family of weapons. This weapon is technically a Fusion Rifle, although mechanically it behaves like a 360 RPM Auto Rifle with a slightly higher rate of fire. That difference is important to note, because Fusion Rifle effects like Quick Charge and the Warlock’s Rain of Fire boots will work with this gun. As a result, stacking damage with Vex Mythoclast is trivial. Virtually every class can stack the weapon’s Catalyst buff with Radiant or some other damage increase to melt enemies. If you enjoy building builds in Destiny 2, the Vex Mythoclast is a weapon worth growing for.

3 Cataclysmic

The best solar weapons in Destiny 2 - gamekinda (8)

How to obtain: Vow of the Disciple raid (Acquisition and Caretaker encounters).

(Video) Destiny 2 - Cloudstrike kinda bonkers tho

Cataclysmic is a powerful linear fusion rifle with great perks. The fourth time is the charm is a first for an LFR, allowing this weapon to fire up to ten rounds before reloading. You can combine this with Bait and switch– a massive damage boost that occurs when you damage a target with all three of your weapons dish out awesome DPS numbers in raids and GM Nightfalls. It’s also craftable, something no other Linear Fusion Rifle can boast of.

Recommended properties:

  • Column One:
    The fourth time is the charm

  • Column Two:
    Bait and switch

2 Gjallarhorn

The best solar weapons in Destiny 2 - gamekinda (9)

How to obtain: “And Out Fly the Wolves” quest.

Gjallarhorn needs no introduction. It’s arguably the most iconic Exotic in the franchise, bosses in the original launch of Destiny to polishing Rocket Launcher DPS in Destiny 2. That’s right, Gjallarhorn buffs other Rocket Launchers now.

While Gjallarhorn’s damage isn’t the pinnacle of PvE DPS, it acts as a support weapon of sorts, granting allied Legendary Rocket Launchers Wolfpack Rounds and vastly improved reload speed. As long as one person on your fire team uses Gjallarhorn, everyone in your team uses Gjallarhorn. Don’t jump into Destiny 2’s endgame without this weapon in your inventory.

The best solar weapons in Destiny 2 - gamekinda (10)

How to obtain: Open lavish chests aboard the abandoned Leviathan.

Like Drang, CALUS Mini-Tool is a re-edited version of the MIDA Mini-Tool with a new bonus pool. This version of the Mini-Tool can roll with some incredible perks, most notably Light Bulb. It works as well as you’d expect on an SMG, creating multiple Ignites during a firefight when enemies are packed together.

If you don’t like incandescent bulbs, CALUS Mini-Tool has some great alternatives. surrounded is a great advantage for SMGs if you play within their intended range. Disruption Pause can be useful in Master tier content, and PvP players can get some mileage of Eye of the Storm and tap the trigger. There is nothing the CALUS Mini-Tool is bad at.

Recommended properties:

  • Column One:
    Relentless, grave robber, threat detector

    (Video) What Happens if You Kill ADAM SMASHER During The Prologue in Cyberpunk 2077 | Cyberpunk 2077 Secrets

  • Column Two:
    Light bulb, surrounded (PvE), tap the trigger (PvP)

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