Destiny 2: 14 Best Solar Weapons, Ranked (2023)

When Bungie announced it would give all Destiny 2 subclasses the Stasis-treatment, few could have predicted the way it would affect the meta and the importance of having weapons that match the player's subclass. Now, with the prominence of Elemental Well mods and enhanced buildcrafting thanks to aspects and fragments for Void and Solar 3.0, players have more room than ever to center their loadouts around a specific element.

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The latest element to get the Stasis-treatment is Solar 3.0, and with elemental burns becoming a powerful thing in Grandmaster Nightfalls, it's even more important for players to have a good arsenal of different types of weapons available when needing elemental damage. Luckily, Solar has some of the best Legendary and Exotic weapons in Destiny 2, so whether players enjoy PVE or PVP, they should have no shortage of great weapons to choose from. Here are the game's best, most versatile Solar weapons.

Updated on November 5, 2022, by Anastasia Maillot: It has been well over a few months since the release of Solar 3.0, and the subclass continues to be one of the most popular choices for all three classes, even with the removal of Classy Restoration. Many of these Solar 3.0 builds benefit from having Solar weapons, and although season 18 is the Arc 3.0-centric season, a few new good Solar options have been made available. There are also some meta changes and favorites from a few seasons ago that have increased in power. Here's what the best Solar weapons are in Destiny 2, as of Season of the Plunder.

14 Zaouli's Bane Hand Cannon

Destiny 2: 14 Best Solar Weapons, Ranked (1)
  • How To Get: King's Fall raid
  • Best Perks: Explosive Payload and Incandescent or Firefly

The King's Fall raid brought back all the gritty, beloved Hive-themed weapons for the original Destiny, including Zaouli's Bane, the Solar hand cannon. This and many of the raid's other weapons are absolutely loaded with fantastic perks, so it's hard to determine what is the definitive godroll for Zaouli's Bane.

There are, however, three winner perks that stick out: Explosive Payload, Incandescent which pairs wonderfully with Solar 3.0 subclasses, and Firefly. These all make Zaouli's Bane just a bit stronger in PVE activities where hitting a single target just isn't enough. Like the other raid weapons, it can be crafted and comes with the powerful Runneth Over Origin Trait, which allows players to overfill the magazine when reloading near allies.

13 Strident Whistle Combat Bow

Destiny 2: 14 Best Solar Weapons, Ranked (2)
  • How To Get: Reward from Zavala and strike completions
  • Best Perks: Archer's Tempo and Incandescent

Don't be fooled by the humble appearance of this combat bow. Bows are constantly in and out of being anti-champion weapons, so players should make sure they have at least one of each element in Destiny 2. The Strident Whistle is undoubtedly one of the top options for Solar due to being able to get the Incandescent perk in its second slot.

To get this weapon, players can simply run a few strikes, as it's a fairly common Legendary drop in the Vanguard strikes playlist activities. Zavala may also give it to players as a rank-up reward, so keep an eye out for it.

12 Explosive Personality Grenade Launcher

Destiny 2: 14 Best Solar Weapons, Ranked (3)
(Video) ALL Weapons that Synergize with Solar 3.0 | Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted
  • How To Get: Psi-Ops battlegrounds and Season of the Risen rewards from the War Table
  • Best Perks: Auto-Loading Holster and Frenzy or Golden Tricorn

Going back all the way to the beginning of 2022, to the Season of the Risen, there's the Explosive Personality. This wave frame grenade launcher can contend with Forbearance to a degree, though its perk pool isn't quite as deep and powerful. However, just like Forbearance, it can be crafted with Enhanced perks, making it a worthwhile investment.

The must-have perk for this Solar grenade launcher is definitely Auto-Loading Holster, which will make using it in ad-clear in PVE far smoother. For the second perk, it depends on player preferences, but Frenzy and Golden Tricorn are both fantastic options.

11 BXR-55 Battler Pulse Rifle

Destiny 2: 14 Best Solar Weapons, Ranked (4)
  • How To Get: Reward chest at Xur's Treasure Hoard on Eternity
  • Best Perks: Outlaw, paired with either Kill Clip, Rangefinder, or Eye of the Storm

The BXR-55 Battler was introduced into Destiny 2 following the 30th Anniversary update, as Halo fan service. It's an excellent pulse rifle with a nice scope and works wonderfully in both PVE and PVP. Some players, however, might be put off by the amount of zoom its scope provides, so the BXR-55 Battler is definitely one of those weapons the utility of which depends on player preference.

It also helps that the BXR-55 Battler has a fairly high aim assistance of 85, so finding and hitting targets shouldn't be a big problem. It definitely suffers a bit in activities where players need to deal with enemies at close range, but any long-range maps and activities will be perfect for it. To get it, players will need to get Treasure Keys by playing Dares of Eternity, which can then be spent at the chest next to Xur in his Treasure Hoard. The chest has randomized rewards, and the BXR-55 Battler is one of them.

10 Ogma PR6 Pulse Rifle

Destiny 2: 14 Best Solar Weapons, Ranked (5)
  • How To Get. Legendary Engrams or Gunsmith
  • Best Perks: Wellspring, Demolitionist

Don't be fooled by this humble Legendary pulse rifle. Introduced in The Witch Queen update, the Ogma PR6 didn't immediately seem like a great weapon but experienced a huge rise in popularity following Solar 3.0. Because this weapon is so easy to get and due to the variety of rolls, it's one of those pulse rifles that any player should have in the back of their collection for a rainy day.

The Ogma PR6 is best used in PVE, and although it definitely has a godroll (Wellspring and Demolitionist), there's a lot of room for other perks, too. It depends on player preferences, so it's perfectly possible to substitute Demolitionist with Heating Up or even Unrelenting for that extra bit of healing on top of Classy Restoration. Overall, it's a perfect cheap weapon for any Solar PVE build.

9 Staccato-46 Scout Rifle

Destiny 2: 14 Best Solar Weapons, Ranked (6)
(Video) The Best Exotic Weapons in Destiny 2
  • How To Get: Legendary Engrams
  • Best Perks: Incandescent, Triple Tap

Staccato-46 was one of the weapons brought in for Season 17, and it's actually a fantastic PVE weapon despite its humble appearance. Not only does it feel like a decently good scout rifle, but it's also incredibly accessible and works well in endgame PVE like raids and Grandmaster Nightfalls.

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The reason why the Staccato-46 scout rifle is so good, however, is due to its fantastic perk pool. Incandescent is by far one of the best Solar-themed perks, so players will want to look for a roll with it included. Incandescent can be paired well with Triple Tap, but also works great with something like Outlaw. For purely PVE purposes, Shoot to Loot can be a great, though somewhat niche perk, perfect for soloing any content or difficult PVE activities.

8 Vex Mythoclast Fusion Rifle

Destiny 2: 14 Best Solar Weapons, Ranked (7)
  • How To Get: The Vault of Glass raid

Some players might believe that the time of the Vex Mythoclast is over since the end of season 15 and the long reign of Particle Deconstruction. That couldn't be further from the truth, however, as the Vex is still a very valid choice in both PVE and PVP. Its strength comes from its secondary linear firing mode, as well as its full auto firing method that requires no Special ammo.

In fact, Warlocks in particular can use the Vex while wearing the Rain of Fire Exotic boots that grants the player the Radiant damage buff whenever they score final blows with fusion rifles or linear fusion rifles. Outside of that, the Vex is still a powerhouse in both PVE and PVP, though perhaps not an absolute must-have as of right now. However, those who have yet to score it from their Vault of Glass runs should definitely try to farm it, as fusions still have a chance to make a proper comeback.

7 Sleeper Simulant Linear Fusion Rifle

Destiny 2: 14 Best Solar Weapons, Ranked (8)
  • How To Get: Purchased from the Monument to Lost Lights Exotic Kiosk

Another great Exotic Solar weapon on this list that every Destiny 2 player should have in their vault is the Sleeper Simulant. This weapon used to be a fantastic DPS option for bosses in raids but has since fallen out of favor, mainly due to being overshadowed by more accessible Legendary linear fusion rifles like Cataclysmic and Stormchaser.

That being said, Sleeper Simulant is a staple damage weapon that could potentially make a comeback. Moreover, those who have no access to the Vow of the Disciple raid or Duality dungeon can simply purchase it and use it as their main DPS weapon. Ironically, despite being an Exotic, it's probably the most accessible decent linear fusion rifle right now.

Destiny 2: 14 Best Solar Weapons, Ranked (9)
(Video) Every Legendary HEAVY Weapon Ranked Into a Tier List... (PVE) (Destiny 2)
  • How To Get: Crown of Sorrow and Opulent Chests
  • Best Perks: Incandescent, paired with either Grave Robber, Moving Target, or Unrelenting

The Calus Mini-Tool Legendary SMG made a comeback in season 17 and is now one of the Opulent weapons that players can unlock a pattern for and craft at the Enclave. Although it's quite a serious grind to get all the required patterns for the Mini-Tool, this gun is easily worth the effort due to how powerful it can become once fully leveled to level 16 with Enhanced Perks. Thanks to Enhanced Incandescent, this weapon becomes an absolutely beastly ad-clearing powerhouse.

The Calus Mini-Tool pairs best with most Solar builds in season 17 that rely on Solar Elemental Wells, though like all SMGs, it does lack range. Activities that force the player to stay at a longer range will make the Mini-Tool feel underwhelming, but it will shine in anything relatively close range in PVE.

5 Beloved Sniper Rifle

Destiny 2: 14 Best Solar Weapons, Ranked (10)
  • How To Get: Crown of Sorrow and Opulent Chests
  • Best Perks: Quickdraw and Snapshot Sights

Beloved is a sniper rifle that is returning as an Opulent weapon in season 17, and also happens to be a Solar weapon. Statistics have shown that this sniper rifle quickly jumped into the top three weapons used in Trials of Osiris, and it's easy to understand why once players collect all the patterns and craft it.

Its Enhanced perks, even with Snapshot Sights nerfed, turn it into one of the deadliest sniper rifles in the game. Some could argue it even puts snipers like the 1000 Yard Stare, Adored, and Eye of Sol to shame. Any hardcore PVP players and Crucible enthusiasts should add the Beloved to their arsenal, even if grinding for its level 16 remains one of the most tiring crafted weapon grinds in Destiny 2 to date.

4 Lord Of Wolves Shotgun

Destiny 2: 14 Best Solar Weapons, Ranked (11)
  • How To Get: Exotic engrams

Speaking of popular PVP weapons, Lord of Wolves has returned to the Trials scene as a staple Exotic shotgun for many players. In a meta where it's increasingly more difficult to get into people's faces, Lord of Wolves is a favorite due to its ability to swap to an alternate firing mode that can reach people at a range.

Players who are particularly nostalgic about hand cannon and shotgun PVP days will enjoy this Exotic shotgun the most, and given how powerful it is, it's pretty much a must-have for any Crucible players looking to succeed.

3 The Lament Sword

Destiny 2: 14 Best Solar Weapons, Ranked (12)
  • How To Get: Purchased from the Monument to Lost Lights Exotic Kiosk

Swords always make a brief comeback at the beginning of every season, when the community hasn't quite figured out what the best damage options are in PVE. The Lament is often something many fall back to, thanks to its ability to dish out a respectable amount of damage on bosses where dealing precision damage isn't an option or the team lacks precision damage. It's also great for quick bursts of damage and has been used a lot in Last Wish's Riven encounter.

(Video) Exotic Heavy Weapon TIER LIST for PvE - Destiny 2

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The Lament can increase its damage when the player first blocks with it and then performs four consecutive sword strikes before blocking again. Mastering this can be quite difficult at first, but it's one of those tricks that PVE players will benefit from in particular.

2 Gjallarhorn Rocket Launcher

Destiny 2: 14 Best Solar Weapons, Ranked (13)
  • How To Get: The Grasp of Avarice dungeon in the 30th Anniversary update

The original DPS king from Destiny, Gjallarhorn, has returned to Destiny 2 after a long wait from fans, and it remains extremely powerful. In its first months, it was an absolutely beastly rocket launcher that was quickly toned down by Bungie due to the damage of Wolfpack Rounds. It also gives these rounds to any nearby Legendary rocket launchers, which means even a single fireteam member with Gjallarhorn is enough to turn everyone into a proper damage dealer.

Now, Gjallarhorn is the go-to choice of fireteams who still prefer rockets for damage over linear fusion rifles. The difference is, that only one player needs to run Gjallarhorn, as running six Gjallarhorns isn't actually beneficial. In that sense, the Gjally has lost some of its juice over time but remains a must-have in the same way that having Divinity or Arbalest in one's Exotic weapon arsenal is a must for PVE players.

1 Cataclysmic Linear Fusion Rifle

Destiny 2: 14 Best Solar Weapons, Ranked (14)
  • How To Get: Vow of the Disciple raid
  • Best Perks: Bait and Switch and Fourth Time's The Charm

Cataclysmic is, as of season 18 and the nerf to Stormchaser, the top DPS weapon in Destiny 2's PVE. In particular, it benefits from Solar burns in Nightfall, where it receives a 25% damage boost if players choose to run it. The downside is, that it's not accessible as a world drop, and to get the perfect stats, players will need to grind for its Deepsight pattern from the Vow of the Disciple raid and level it to level 16 to unlock its Enhanced perks.

Cataclysmic also requires players to hit precision shots to gain the most out of its godroll perks, which makes it quite a difficult linear fusion rifle to handle. However, it's undoubtedly the best option even over Stormchaser, so any players with access to it should grind it out quickly, especially for any activities with Solar burn.

Destiny 2 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Stadia.

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