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Welcome to Celebree School® of Henrico! We are a community of early childhood educators ready to welcome your child with open arms. Ourchild care programs are different from others in the localarea thanks to our approach. It’s one that combines fun, playtime, and friends with education and hands-on learning. Your child will gain the skills and habits they need for success in the classroom and on the playground. Meanwhile, they’ll develop a lifetime love of learning, too.

Our Child Care in Henrico

Whether you’re interested in infant or toddler care, summer camps, before or after school care, or preschool, Celebree Schoolof Henrico offersa range of child care programs to meet your needs. All of our programs are holistic, ensuring children are growing emotionally, socially, cognitively, and physically. At the same time, they’re fun and hands-on, so every child is happy and busy, making friends, exploring the world around them, and developing at their own pace.

In addition, at Celebree School of Henrico, you can rest assured ourcenter is a safe, secure place. We rely on strict safety measures to protect every child who walks through our doors, including state-of-the-art technology and highly trained teachers. As a result, you’ll have peace of mind that your child is secure when they’rein our hands.

How to Find Us

  • Celebree School of Henrico
    3641 Cox Road
    Henrico, VA 23233

  • 804-415-4991
  • Child Care, Day Care & Preschool in Henrico, VA | Celebree School of Henrico (6)
  • Child Care, Day Care & Preschool in Henrico, VA | Celebree School of Henrico (7)

At a Celebree School™, you are never just dropping your child off. You’re bringing them here because you have a plan. A desire for their childhood to be happy and full of wonder. A vision for their future rooted firmly in early education.

About Our Child Care Curriculum

AtCelebree School of Henrico, our goal is to help children develop into curious, confidentyoung learners, ready to hit the ground running in school. We do this in a number of ways, including through aninterest-based curriculum. This learning philosophy is basedaround eachchild’s unique strengths, interests and skills.

We also place an emphasis on the Seven Domains of Learning in our programs, ensuring children are developing in key areas, like fine and gross motor skills, self-help,language, socialization,and more. Through all this, our early childhood educators willhelp your child develop at their own pace, taking their personality and learning style into account.

Get More Information About Child Care Services

Parents chooseCelebree Schoolof Henrico not because they need a day care, but because they have a plan. Our programs offer a setting that will help your child reach their potential while being nurtured and encouraged every single day. We invite you to come see our center for yourself by scheduling a visit.

Find out more by callingCelebree School of Henrico at (804) 415-4991 today! We offer child care inHenrico, Innsbrook, Short Pump, Glen Allen, and nearby areas in VA.

Child Care, Day Care & Preschool in Henrico, VA | Celebree School of Henrico (8)

Child Care, Day Care & Preschool in Henrico, VA | Celebree School of Henrico (9)

Child Care, Day Care & Preschool in Henrico, VA | Celebree School of Henrico (10)

Child Care, Day Care & Preschool in Henrico, VA | Celebree School of Henrico (11)

Child Care, Day Care & Preschool in Henrico, VA | Celebree School of Henrico (12)

Child Care, Day Care & Preschool in Henrico, VA | Celebree School of Henrico (13)

Child Care, Day Care & Preschool in Henrico, VA | Celebree School of Henrico (14)

Celebree the moment.

I began taking my daughter to Celebree when she was 9 months old. As a new mom, dropping my baby off with "strangers" was tough but Ms. Laura made & continues to make the experience enjoyable! Each day Ms. Laura takes time to tell me how my daughter's day went, what she did & anything funny or cute she did during her time there. You can tell that she truly loves kids & enjoys watching my daughter grow, change & learn, just like my husband & I do & what more could you ask for in a caregiver then to love & enjoy your child as much as you do! Thank you Celebree & Ms. Laura!

Ella's Mom

For children, change can be challenging, scary or unnerving requiring time for adjustment. My husband and I have been very appreciative of his teacher, Ms. Kristen, and the care she has shown our little one a new friend at Celebree. From providing useful suggestions on how we can work with my son at home to updates about his day, Ms. Kristen's patience, professionalism and attentiveness are priceless. Thank you Ms. Kristen and the request of the caring team at Celebree!

Nassir's Mom

Amy and Nicole are amazing to Amelia and all of the other friends in the Kindergarten Readiness classroom at Celebree Ellicott City. Both Amy and Nicole adhere to the Celebree motto to protect, educate, and nurture. Amelia has shown so much progress since being in the KR Classroom. Her penmanship has improved steadily, and we are working on reading! Arts and crafts that stimulate the children's minds and critical thinking skills are always present, and the lesson planning is quite obviously thoughtful and relevant. Amy and Nicole have infinite patience, kindness, and fairness; they truly are invaluable assets to the Celebree Team. They deserve all the praise they receive and more. So often in our daily lives we forget to thank the people who have the most impact on us and our children's lives". I want to take this time to recognize the fantastic job the Amy, Nicole and the entire Celebree Ellicott City Team does to ensure that our children are prepared to face Kindergarten".and beyond.

Amelia's Mom

I ask my daughter often if she likes her teachers. She always answers yes. I then follow up with asking "˜Why?' I get various answers, but just yesterday she said "Because I love Ms. Jessica and she loves me." I know there is a lot that goes on between the kids and teachers that I don't experience first hand, but when my daughter tells me that she loves her teacher, hugs her goodbye, sits on her lap during reading time, and generally is very happy to be near her, it makes me feel that this is the right place for her to grow.

Lauren's Mom

Our five-year-old absolutely loved going to Pre-K at Celebree. Her teachers were incredibly loving and enthusiastic and she was reading by the time she graduated. We recently moved to North Carolina and our daughter is well ahead of her peers because of the education she received at Celebree in Crofton. The facility is beautiful and cheerful...can't say enough good things about our experience there.


My son has been attending since he was two. They love, care for and teach the children like their own.


My son's first experience at a "school" environment. Teachers are wonderful, they sincerely care about his health and development. He actually looks forward to going to school. Curriculum is engaging and daily reports help support his learning at home as well. A+


Great teachers with great personalities. I fully trust my child here.


My son loves his daycare. He is 14 months, and is socializing well. It is a great feeling to know your child is safe and happy while both his parents are at work.

Spring Ridge

Celebree is the best place for children to learn and play and be cared for while parents are at work. My daughter started there at 8 weeks and she is 8 months old now. She loves her teachers so much. Every morning she squeals and smiles when we enter her classroom. The teachers are very experienced and kind to not just the children, but us parents too. They do crafts and take pictures, and have lesson plans even for the infant room. It is a very professional. establishment.

Bel Air

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Our daughter attended Celebree for preschool for a little over a year. In general the staff were caring and you could tell that the vast majority of the staff were there for the right reasons".


My daughter has been attending "school" at Celebree for almost a year now and we love it there. The director is phenomenal and it warms my heart to see my little girl run up to her and give her a huge hug every time we see her. The curriculum is fantastic and really helps young kids learn through fun activities - of which by the way, there are a lot of!

Forest Hill

My son started at Celebree when he was 3 going on 4 and he just graduated from the pre-K class! Celebree has really been an extension of our family!!!! They loved, nurtured and educated my son well past my expectations! Everyone is great from the Director Ms. Natasha to each classroom teacher and teacher's assistant! I am looking forward to my son having a great year in kindergarten thanks to his Pre-K teacher Ms. Amy!!!!

Ellicot City

Celebree in Bowie, MD is one of the best childcare centers I have ever enrolled my child in. The director and Asst. director genuinely care about each and every child.


Our family has been at Celebree for over 4 years...LOVE LOVE LOVE this place. The teachers are very hands on and provide a nurturing environment for our children. Our oldest son is preparing for Kindergarten in the fall and Celebree has helped him to excel in both reading and writing.


Beautiful Location. New facility with warm and friendly staff.


We love Celebree!!!! Best child care center I have ever visited. The teachers are loving, caring and really take the time to provide the best education the children.

Bear 2

Top notch education program and teachers care about the kids. The variety of activities keep my little one engaged and she loves to go to school everyday!

Bear 3

The hours are great and the teachers do genuinely care about their kids

Bear 4

Absolutely love this place. The staff are all friendly and helpful, my child is happy and healthy. They really take pride in including the parent in their child's education.

Bear 5

My little 2-year girl is doing so well there, they are very friendly and nice. The place is clean and organized. They are taking very good care of her.

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Bear 6

Nice teachers and active learning program. Wears out the little one so parents can enjoy a quieter kid after work.

Bel Air 2

Teaches your children a lot more than the school system does. Child is 4 and knows a lot more than 1st graders in the area thanks to Celebree.

Carney 2

My 3-year-old is so excited to attend Celebree. The teachers are polite and communicate with parents. My daughter is learning what BCPS Kindergarten students are in school.

Cockeysville 2

Very nice center, nice open atmosphere, very friendly staff.

Crofton 2

Nice and Secure, very nice staff, rates are good, hours are GREAT, just started but I'm very happy with my choice for my little 4 year old girl

Crofton 3

My son has been at this Celebree since he was 10 months old. I, like many was very was nervous to put him in any type of daycare system. I went to several other day cares to check them out and Celebree of Forest Hill was by far the best!! What won me over in the beginning was the fact that they had cameras in every classroom, only parents and staff are allowed access to where the kids are, the staff being as friendly as they are, and how clean the place was.

Forest Hill 2

Parenting is hard; Celebree makes it easier. As if life wasn't difficult enough with a new baby, soon after having my daughter, my husband was laid off. Celebree worked with us to delay my daughter's start date while my husband was home looking for work and ensuring that we wouldn't lose her place...

Forest Hill 3

My son has been attending since Oct. 2014 and seems to be enjoying himself. I feel comfortable there too. They have a great group of teachers, the Director and assistant director are super nice.

Frederick 2

I love Celebree!

Middletown 2

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7 Domains of Learning

Child Care, Day Care & Preschool in Henrico, VA | Celebree School of Henrico (18)

Personal and Social Development

Children learn to develop healthy relationships with adults and their peers while cultivating a positive personal identity.

Scientific Thinking

Children are taught to channel their natural curiosity to articulate questions and draw conclusions about the world around them.

Mathematical Thinking

This discipline focuses on numbers and their relationships, in addition to the geometric concepts that explain spatial awareness.

Language and Literacy

The basis of learning, this domain opens the door of communication through writing and drawing as well as grammar and comprehension.

Social Studies

This sphere examines societal relationships based on social structures and the connections between people and their communities.

The Arts

An exploration into visual arts, music, dance and theater, this domain celebrates distinctive expression of emotions and ideas.

Physical Development and Health

Children are taught regard for health and nutrition in addition to the benefits of exercise to develop a strong mind and body.


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